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Santa Barbara County
Track & Field Championships

Date: Saturday, April 21, 2018

Time: 10:00 AM


Carpinteria Valley Memorial Stadium

4810 Foothill Rd, Carpinteria

Entries due Monday, April 17, 2018

Please e-mail entry forms as an attachment to lathamchs@yahoo.com.

Entry forms:

Microsoft Excel entry forms may be downloaded from the Santa Barbara County Championships website, warriorcountry.com/track/CountyMeet/  All events will be seeded to maximize competitive opportunities for your athletes. Please use 2018 best performances on the entry forms. Entries without a listed mark will not be accepted. Relay entries must have a time to be accepted.

Qualifying Standards:

In order to keep fields a manageable size, qualifying standards have been established using 2017 entries as a guideline. Each school is allotted 1 entry in each event regardless of the standard. If more than one athlete is entered in an event, all athletes must make the qualifying standard in that event. No more than four entries per school per event will be accepted. Only 1 relay team per school allowed. Entries without an entry mark will not be accepted.


All running and jumping surfaces are synthetic. Spikes of 3/16” or shorter are required. Spikes will be on sale during the meet. Two long jump/triple jumps pits will be in use. No spikes in the stands please. For benefit of spectators, no radios, tape decks etc. are allowed in the stadium. Canopies will not be allowed on the finish line side of the tunnel.

Warm-up area:

A warm-up area is provided on the softball fields south of the stadium. Please, no warm-up in the stadium.

Entry Fees:

$4.00 for each individual entry. $8.00 per relay team. Maximum entry fee of $340. Make checks payable to Carpinteria High School. A $25 fee will be charged for late entries.


$6.00 for adults. $3.00 for students and children.


Medals will be awarded to the top four finishers in each event. Events with multiple sections or flights will be combined for scoring and awards.

Scratches and Substitutions

Any changes for track events should be turned into the clerk of the course on the Scratch or Substitution form included in your packet, as soon as possible. Field event changes will be handled by the field event official at the event site.

PLEASE NOTE: If an athlete is mistakenly left off the entry list, he/she may be entered on the day of the meet for a cash fee of $10 per athlete. This only applies for an addition, not a substitution. Remember that the 4 entries per event limit may not be exceeded. If it is discovered after the fact that a school has more than 4 entries in an event, the extra entry will be disqualified.

Entry lists will be posted on the County Meet website, warriorcountry.com/track/CountyMeet/ by the end of the week. (Hopefully Thursday)


All races will be seeded at the clerk of the course after the competitors have checked in. This will consolidate races and eliminate empty lanes after scratches have been made, creating more head to head racing opportunities.

It is important that athletes do not wait until the last minute to check in. If they show up too late, they will be deleted from the database and not be printed on the event card. If a substitute checks in, make sure the athlete knows who he/she is subbing for and is prepared to report his/her own entry time. This way we can keep the seeding as accurate as possible.

The “heat sheets” in your packets will not be divided into separate races. Instead it will be a ranked list of competitors. The lists are ranked with the fastest entry at the top. You may make estimations on your athletes’ section number based on the number of athletes. Laned races have a maximum of 9 entries. The 800s will have a maximum of 12. Lane assignments will not be known until the card is printed at the clerk. Lane assignments are based on the CIF procedure of 5-6-4-7-3-8-2-9-1. The fastest race is run last. The seeding program will fill all lanes in the last race and balance the rest of the competitors in the preceding sections.

Long and Triple Jumps

Long jumpers and triple jumpers will be allowed four (4) attempts. The long jump will be conducted on the eastern runway outside of the first turn. The triple jump will be conducted on the infield runway.

High Jump

Opening heights will be 2” below the qualifying standard. The bar will be raised in 2” increments.

Pole Vault

Opening heights will be 6” below the qualifying standard. The bar will be raised in in one foot increments for the first two heights and in 6” increments thereafter. Please remember to bring the CIF weight & pole documentation form. The forms must be presented to the event official before the athlete is allowed to warm up or compete.

Field Event Procedures

Shot putters and discus throwers will be allowed four (4) attempts. The varsity discus will be in the eastern ring and the frosh/soph discus in the western ring.

800, 1600 and 3200 Meters

The 800m will be started in alleys rather than lanes. Four (4) athletes will occupy a three (3) lane alley with a maximum of twelve (12) in each race. A one turn stagger will be used.

The 1600m and 3200m will start in alleys as well. Two thirds the field will start from lane 1 waterfall line, using lanes 1-9. The other third will use lanes 5-9 and start from the lane 5 waterfall line. A one turn stagger will be used. If a race scratches to 18 athletes or less the race will be a scratch start.

4 x 400 Relay

A three (3) turn stagger will be used for the 4 x 400 relay.

Stadium Infield

The infield is for competitors and officials only. No coaches on the infield, please! No athletes on the infield unless they are competing. The warm-up field is behind the bleachers.

Multi-Event Athletes

Athletes in simultaneous events are responsible to be able to compete when called upon. The 10 minute rule applies, an athlete must have returned and be available to compete 10 minutes after excusal from a given event. This does not mean the athlete would be required to compete at this time, but must be available. The wise athlete should check in frequently at the various event sites that he/she may be competing in. This will prevent the athlete from being passed in the order.


  Download Info | Information Letter | Order of Events | Qualifying Standards
Order of Events  
Track Events Field Events
1. Girls F/S 400 Meter Relay Long Jump  [10:00 AM]
2. Boys F/S 400 Meter Relay BV followed by B F/S - GV  - G F/S
3. Girls V 400 Meter Relay
4. Boys V 400 Meter Relay Triple Jump  [10:00 AM]
5. Girls F/S 1600 Meter Run GV followed by G F/S - BV - B F/S
6. Boys F/S 1600 Meter Run
7. Girls V 1600 Meter Run High Jump  [10:00 AM]
8. Boys V 1600 Meter Run B F/S - BV - G F/S - GV
9. Girls F/S 100 Meter High Hurdles
10. Girls V 100 Meter High Hurdles Pole Vault  [10:00 AM]
11. Boys F/S 110 Meter High Hurdles G F/S - GV - B F/S - BV
12. Boys V 110 Meter High Hurdles
13. Girls F/S 400 Meter Dash Shot Put  [10:00 AM] (2 rings)
14. Boys F/S 400 Meter Dash South Ring (100m start line)
15. Girls V 400 Meter Dash GV followed by BV 
16. Boys V 400 Meter Dash Northern Ring near F/S discus ring)
17. Girls F/S 100 Meter Dash B F/S followed by G F/S 
18. Boys F/S 100 Meter Dash
19. Girls V 100 Meter Dash Discus  [10:00 AM] (2 Rings)
20. Boys V 100 Meter Dash Eastern Ring (high jump end)
Break BV followed by GV 
21. Girls F/S 800 Meter Run Western Ring (scoreboard end)
22. Boys F/S 800 Meter Run G F/S followed by B F/S 
23. Girls V 800 Meter Run
24. Boys V 800 Meter Run
25. Girls F/S 300 Meter Low Hurdles
26. Girls V 300 Meter Low Hurdles
27. Boys F/S 300 Meter Int
28. Boys V 300 Meter Int
29. Girls F/S 200 Meter Dash
30. Boys F/S 200 Meter Dash
31. Girls V 200 Meter Dash
32. Boys V 200 Meter Dash
33. Girls F/S 3200 Meter Run
34. Boys F/S 3200 Meter Run
35. Girls V 3200 Meter Run
36. Boys V 3200 Meter Run
37. Girls F/S 1600 Meter Relay
38. Boys F/S 1600 Meter Relay
39. Girls V 1600 Meter Relay
40. Boys V 1600 Meter Relay
Download Info | Information Letter | Order of Events | Qualifying Standards


Var. Boys

F/S Boys

Var. Girls

F/S Girls


100 Meters






200 Meters






400 Meters






800 Meters






1600 Meters






3200 Meters






100/110 Hurdles






300 Int. Hurdles






Long Jump

18' 0"

15' 6"

13' 0"

12' 0"


Triple Jump

36' 0"

27' 0"

27' 0"

25' 0"


High Jump

5' 2 "

4' 8"

4' 4"

4' 0'


Pole Vault

8' 0"

7' 0"

6' 6"

5' 6"


Shot Put

37' 6 "

34' 6"

25' 6"

23' 6"



100' 0"

80' 0"

65' 0"

55' 0"


400 Relay

time must
be entered

time must
be entered

time must
be entered

time must
be entered


1600 Relay

time must
be entered

time must
be entered

time must
be entered

time must
be entered


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