Russell Cup Information ~ Coach's Letter 2018
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Dear Track Coach:

Carpinteria High School is pleased you are planning to attend the 99th Russell Cup. If you have not confirmed your attendance, please contact Carpinteria High School before doing anything else. Please adhere to the qualifying standards attached to the entry forms. Every entry must have a “best mark” listed and must meet the standards given. We will not seed or enter an athlete or relay team doesn’t meet the entry standard or that is entered with no mark. With over 40 schools and nearly 1,500 athletes in attendance, it is necessary to establish these standards. Please note that only two entries per event are allowed even if more than two of your athletes meet the standard. (NO EXCEPTIONS!)

The entry deadline is April 8, 2018. The Excel entry forms should be emailed as an attachment to Late entries will be subject to a $25 late fee.

We are looking forward to another great meet for the 99th edition of the Russell Cup.


Van Latham
Meet Director




1.   See the Order of Events for the tentative starting times for the track and field events.

2.   A maximum entry fee of $325 per school ($165 for all boy or all girl schools) has been established. Individual entries are $4 per event and $8 per relay team. A school will be responsible for all submitted entries. There will be no refunds for scratches.

3.   Admission will be charged for spectators. Day passes will be $6.00 for ADULTS and $3.00 for STUDENTS.

4.   Breakfast, lunch and snacks may be purchased during the day at the stadium.

5.   Please have busses park in the faculty parking lot. It is the smaller lot beyond the main lot.

1.   Scratches, substitutions or entry mark updates should sent by 8:00 PM on Thursday, April 12. A link will be posted on the Russell Cup website the week of the meet or click here for the link.

2.   On meet day, scratches should be reported to the clerk of the course as soon as possible. The clerk of the course will scratch those who do not report on time. Field event judges will do likewise.

3.   Athletes will be allowed 10 minutes excusal time to compete in another event. They should be available to compete at a particular event site within 10 minutes of excusal from that event site. To prevent problems, please make sure your athletes are communicating with the officials and keeping track of their excusal time. (National Federation Rule 3, Section 2, Article 3o)

4.   The track and jumping surfaces at Carpinteria High are all synthetic. 3/16" spikes are required for all athletes. Spikes will be checked. Spikes will be on sale for $3 per package of 20 spikes. Please do not wear spikes in the bleachers.

5.   Tennis ball halves will be provided for use as relay take-off markers. Please do not use tape for take-off marks.

6.   Entry lists will be posted on the Russell Cup website, the week of the meet.

7.   Coaches and athletes not in competition are to stay off the track and infield, unless called for.

8.   Athletes may set up tents and warm up on the field below the stadium. Please no tents or canopies in the home stretch bleachers. Canopies will be allowed in the top rows of the back stretch bleachers.

1.   Medals will be awarded to the first four finish places.

2.   Trophies will be awarded to the winning team in each of the four divisions.  Sweepstakes trophies will be awarded to the school with largest combined score in the two boys' divisions and in the two girls' divisions.  The school with the largest total from all four divisions will earn the Grand Sweepstakes trophy.

3.   Scoring: 10 - 8 - 6 - 4 - 2 - 1  
(All ties will be broken. Point totals will be split in the case of ties that cannot be broken.)

All races will be seeded at the clerk of the course after the competitors have checked in. This will consolidate races and eliminate empty lanes after scratches have been made, creating more head to head racing opportunities.

It is important that athletes do not wait until the last minute to check in. If he/she shows up too late, he/she will be deleted from the database and not be printed on the event card. If a substitute checks in, make sure the athlete knows who he/she is subbing for and is prepared to report his/her own entry time. This way we can keep the seeding as accurate as possible.

Laned races have a maximum of 9 entries. The 800s will have a maximum of 12. Lane assignments will not be known until scratches have been made and the card is printed at the clerk. Lane assignments are based on the CIF’s procedure of 5-6-4-7-3-8-2-9-1. The fastest race is run last. The seeding program will fill all lanes in the last race and balance the rest of the competitors in the preceding sections.

800, 1600 AND 3200 METERS
The 800m will be started in alleys rather than lanes. Four (4) athletes will occupy a three (3) lane alley with a maximum of twelve (12) in each race. A one turn stagger will be used.

The 1600m and 3200m will start in alleys as well. Two thirds the field will start from lane 1 waterfall line, using lanes 1-9. The other third will use lanes 5-9 and start from the lane 5 waterfall line.

Any changes for track events should be turned into the clerk of the course on the Scratch or Substitution form included in your packet, as soon as possible. Field event changes will be handled by the field event official at the event site.

PLEASE NOTE: If an athlete was mistakenly left off the entry form, he/she may be entered on the day of the meet for a cash fee of $10 per event. All late entries, running and field events, should be turned into the clerk of the course. This only applies for an addition, not a substitution. Please be reminded that the 2 entries per event limit may not be exceeded. If it is discovered after the fact that a school has more than 2 entries in an event, the extra entry will be disqualified.

The long jump will be conducted on the eastern runway outside of the first turn. The long jump board is 8 feet from the pit. The triple jump will be conducted on the infield runway. The triple jump boards are 24, 32 and 36 feet from the sand.

Each competitor shall be allowed three (3) preliminary trials. Nine (9) finalists will be allowed a fourth trial. The top six (6) after the fourth round will be allowed a fifth trial. The top three (3) after the fifth round will be allowed a sixth and final trial. The preliminary trials will be conducted in flights using a jumping order. The finals will begin at the conclusion of the prelims.

Each competitor shall be allowed three (3) preliminary trials. Nine (9) finalists will be allowed a fourth trial. The top six (6) after the fourth round will be allowed a fifth trial. The top three (3) after the fifth round will be allowed a sixth and final trial. The preliminary trials will be conducted in flights using a jumping order. The finals will begin at the conclusion of the prelims.

All shots and disci should be weighed in upon arrival. Weigh-in will be conducted from 8:15 AM to 9:15 AM. The weigh-in is located in the equipment shed on the eastern end of the field. Underweight implements will be impounded. These implements can be picked up at the conclusion of competition.

Opening heights will be 1 inch below the qualifying standard.
The bar will be raised in 2 inch increments.

Opening heights will be 3 inches below the qualifying standard. The bar will be raised in in one foot increments for the first two heights and in 6 inch increments thereafter. Please remember to bring the CIF weight & pole documentation form. The forms must be presented to the event official before the athlete is allowed to warm up or compete.

APRIL 14, 2018 


                                   V GIRLS            FS GIRLS                 V BOYS               FS BOYS
100 METERS                   14.14                     14.44                      12.04                       12.44

200 METERS                   29.64                     30.44                      24.54                       25.74

400 METERS                1:09.74                  1:12.24                      55.64                       58.74

800 METERS                2:47.50                  2:57.50                   2:12.00                    2:19.00

1600 METERS              6:15.00                  6:30.00                   4:54.00                    5:10.00

3200 METERS            14:10.00                14:55.00                 10:55.00                  11:55.00

100 M HURDLES            19.74                     21.74                           ---                            ---

110 M HURDLES                 ---                          ---                      19.74                       21.74

300 M HURDLES            56.74                  1:00.24                      46.74                       51.74

400 METER RELAY        56.34                     59.34                      47.84                       52.34

1600 METER RELAY   4:50.00                  5:10.00                   3:55.00                    4:15.00

LONG JUMP                   13' 9"                     13' 3"                      19' 0"                      16' 9"

TRIPLE JUMP                 27' 0"                     24' 6"                      36' 6"                      33' 0"

HIGH JUMP                      4' 4"                       4' 0"                        5' 6"                        5' 2"

POLE VAULT                    6' 6"                       5' 6"                        9' 6"                        8' 0"

SHOT PUT                      26' 0"                     22' 0"                      38' 0"                      34' 0"

DISCUS                           65' 0"                     55' 0"                    105' 0"                      80' 0"