1. In most instances, eligibility will be restricted to those athletes who have graduated from Carpinteria High School. The nominating committee reserves the option to nominate an individual who does not meet this graduation requirement.
2. Athletes become eligible for consideration twenty years from the date of their graduation.

Nomination Procedures:
1. The Administration of Carpinteria High School will appoint a Hall-of-Fame Committee that will be responsible for the nomination and selection of candidates. The current Athletic Director will serve as a non-voting member of the committee.
2. The induction of new members of the Hall-of-Fame will take place every two to five years. The number of nominees will be determined by the committee.
3. The Hall-of-Fame Committee will come up with a list of candidates for possible nomination based on input from the Warrior Athletic community, including past coaches, athletes, administrators, and press personnel.
4. The primary criteria for selection will be athletic achievement at Carpinteria High School. Other factors, including citizenship and athletic achievement following graduation will also be considered.
5. From the list of eligible candidates, the committee will then form a list of nominations for the Hall-of-Fame. At this point, the committee will be responsible for researching and validating each nominee’s achievements.

Selection Procedures:
1. The Hall-of-Fame committee, once the verification process is completed , will meet and select which nominees will be formally inducted in the Hall-of-Fame. All committee decisions will be based on a consensus vote.
2. The inability of a nominee to be selected in any one particular year will not preclude the athlete being selected in future years.