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CIF Division 4 Prelims

May 7, 2022
Field Events, 11:00 AM ~ Running Events, Noon
Stadium Opens to the Public at 10:00 AM

Re-seeded boys 400m

All tickets for the Prelims must be purchased through There will be no tickets sold at the meet site. All tickets must be purchased online. The link for GoFan tickets has been sent to each school.

From the CIF Playoff Bulletin:
In the team/individual packet will be three (3) coaches tickets for boys coaches and three (3) tickets for girls coaches (provided both genders are entered in the meet).

Due to construction, parking will be limited. The small parking lot where busses normally park is not available. Busses will be asked to drop athletes off and then finding parking off site. Linden Avenue or Foothill Road would be the closest options.

Useful information from the CIF:

CIF Playoff Bulletin

Qualifying Standards refered to in the playoff bulletin.

2022 Track & Field Divisions

The Prelims will be live streamed on The NFHS Network

A delayed broadcast will be shown on hdRunners. hdRunners will also produce a more elaborate broadcast later on their YouTube channel



Division 4 Performance List: You can access the list from EPI Sports or PrepCalTrack. The performance list is now updated on PrepCalTrack. Marks on the list are from league finals results, not PRs.

Below are additions to the Prelims based on the CIF Wild Card Entry procedure:

Morgan Quinn 10  Oaks Christian 26.09
Alexis Corvese 11 St. Lucy’s 2:23.51
Grace Geyer 10 Oaks Christian 2:26.06
Katherine Walker 10 Oaks Christian 2:27.59
Laura Lazzarato-Bosque 10 Castaic 2:28.46
Lilly Sepulveda 10 St. Lucy’s 2:30.16
Alexandra Reierson 10  Oaks Christian 2:30.74
Sarah Colebrooke 11 Oaks Christian 5:23.29
300m Hurdles      
Mallory Palm 10 Castaic 50.11
4x100 Relay      
    St. Lucy’s 51.29
Shot Put      
Aalaiyah Batiste 12  Oaks Christian 31-01
Zachary Liljenquist 12 Santa Ynez 2:02.31
Morgan Malloy 11  Oaks Christian 2:05.67
William Gratke 12  Oaks Christian 9:57.78
Nicholas Raigosa 10 Castaic 10:09.02
Pole Vault      
Mateo Romero 9 Oaks Christian 9-06
Pierce Brittan 9 Oaks Christian 9-00

Team Rosters

Live results will be available at

Field events as they happen are available at

Opening heights for 2022
Boys High Jump: 5' 3"
Girls High Jump: 4' 5"
Boys Pole Vault: 8' 0"
Girls Pole Vault: 6' 6"

Electronic Devices
NO electronic devices will be allowed on the infield. This includes but is not limited to cell phones, video cameras, walkie-talkies, iPods, CD players, etc...

Relay Markers
Tennis ball halves will be provided by meet management. Please place the tennis balls on the inside lane line.

No canopies in the home stretch bleachers please. The bleachers are not big enough for canpoies. Canopies are OK in the back strectch bleachers.

Information that will be in the packet on meet day.
Prelim Information Sheet


Stadium Map
Map to Carpinteria High